Friday, April 15, 2011

Preparing for Mother's day.

You now have three weeks to prepare for Mother's Day. You may be preparing for or possibly bracing yourself for the experience of remembering the life of your mother. Last week,  I sang for a memorial service for a mother of three and Grandmother of one. Her daughter is a very bright and progressive woman who I have had the privilege of connecting with named Jenny. 

I am very happy that I can still have lunch or dinner with my mother. Many of us call my mother "Just Joan" or "OhtheJoan" fondly after my web person "Ohthebill" Rosen. My mother is clearly worthy of the titles as well as the audaciousness that comes along with them. I say this in the most complimentary way. 

My mother Joan, is sweet, funny, tremendously caring and my possible ticket to having the next best reality TV show. During my surrender adventure with my cohort Chaz Wesley, I did release work around my mother and the feelings one has when loving someone who does have an opinion and will share it with you most of the time. .

What I came to realize is that whatever story my mother chooses to have or whatever memory she chooses to never let go of, she too is worthy of having it, if that's what she wants. In my childhood I wrote poems and stories about my wonderful mother. As an adult I found myself in a place of judgment about what she should be feeling or not, and asking myself "why is she making me feel this way?"

As much as I had come to understand about thoughts feelings, emotions and beliefs, I had a "mom-block". It's called "If it's not one thing it's your mother." But then it all came down to worthiness. Her worthiness, my worthiness, we all matter and have value regardless of how we display ourselves.

So if you are experiencing anything around the concepts of self-worth and mothers, take this moment to breath, allow, love yourself and know your worth. 


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