Monday, September 26, 2011

The Power of Apprecation

On October 9th Chaz Wesley and I will be doing a dual speaker/musical guests role at Unity of Peace in St. Louis, Missouri. When we thought about a title for the talk, appreciation was the first to come to mind. I have been in a real place of appreciation.

Many of my "The Bukeka Show" watchers know I'll be traveling to South Africa this fall. I am more than appreciative and in awe of how it all manifested. Right now I am eager and yet I am also dropping back a bit because, all along the way to this junction of my journey, I have been surrendering big chunks of stuff for the past year.

As you know I took a surrender adventure with my friend Chaz last year. Where every two hours we lit a candle, surrendered "to and unto the universe", an ultimately drove through 7 states, and I came back changed at the core level. Recently I shared the adventure in a workshop at Unity of Oklahoma City. The first thing people agreed upon is they needed "a Chaz". (He's at Call him I'm sure he'd listen.

The more I appreciate the experience of surrender, the better my life experience is. Each time I recognize what can be surrendered from my thought, I grow exponentially. I become keenly aware of what I am doing, feeling, and how I am behaving. I place no judgment on any of it and I allow myself to be present to whatever is there.

The more I surrender, the more appreciative I am of my life experience. Right now, I am experiencing a sence of GREAT change in my life. I feel it stretching me from all angles. To see it from the self-observer is facinating. As I let go, release, forgive, trust, and surrender I am in love with what I see changing but more importantly I am feeling freer and freer from boundaries and seeming limitations.

Some would call it simply maturity and that would be true too, and I appreciate maturity. I appreciate having a greater understanding for as much as I can understand anything at all.

Come see us in St. Louis if you're in the area.

Love and Blessings