Monday, February 6, 2012

My recent comment to CBS Morning Show

Hello Readers,

I WANTED TO SHARE A MOMENT OF WORTH. It's a comment I sent to CBS Sunday Morning Show. The segment is called "The Long and the Short of It". Here is the link to the video;lst;2. I place this here in case you want to see it before you read my comment to the station.

Sometimes it just has to be said.

"Yesterday, I had my  routine of watching CBS Sunday Morning. A story caught my attention about hair cuts because I have a new cut that is getting a lot of attention. 

I waited for the segment to have some styles of black hair but there were none. The psychologist, historians, and stylists all focused on white/ European hair. 

To make it even more interesting, the only black women you aired was a women who was receiving help from a not-for-profit "dress for success" program wearing her hair straight, as if to remind us that if you want to be successful your hair needs to look white. 

The icing on the cake was the closing of the segment which asked what is the most popular hair and OF COURSE the answer was "long and blond". 


I think you owe your watchers an apology. In addition, it's February (African American History. How did you miss all that?"

Friday, January 13, 2012

Talk about surrender

Radio interview with Dale Worley 

From Music Speaks Louder Than Words: "Today's guest, the fabulous Bukeka Shoals, shares with us her recent adventure in South Africa. Hear moving stories of how Bukeka's music inspired and uplifted the people in and around Cape Town, and the difference this journey has made in her life. And of course, we get to hear Bukeka's music during this episode as well!

As Chaz and I drove through several cities, Dallas, Austin, Corpus Christie....and more, he used his process with me of allowing the Universe through me. For example, I randomly picked out one of the coaching cards he created that instructed me to look out my window and find something that feels good, then go feel it, love it, and be it. We were sitting in the car, and after I read it, I looked out the window to see the ocean. This video says it all.

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