Monday, April 18, 2011

Bathed In Surrender

After Chaz Wesley and I returned from the Surrender Adventure last year, I noticed the incredible open space that had become my life. It was new and unfamiliar. I looked around at my home, my furniture, my clothes and it was as though I had walked into a world that was mine but I had never been there. 

Each chair I sat down in was for the first time. And when I sat in significant places I had to rearrange my body to a more comfortable position. It was not the same person sitting in the chair. The first correspondence I had with my significant other, I waited quietly to hear how his voice would sound. I wondered what he would say and never thought about how I would reply. Then he said the things he's said before, but this time it sounded like all the things you'd ever want your lover to say to you..."I support you 110%." "It' your time." on and on it went, and I fell in love all over again.

When Chaz talks about being in your business and getting back to your business, in this stage of noticing your thoughts as CEO of your business you get to choose what thoughts get fired. Clearing space, gaining clarity, opening the mind. Good CEO's will notice first and act later. This is when the real noticing begins. 

I noticed my speech and demeanor were more assured. Rev. Chris Michaels of CSLKC said he noticed that my walk had changed and Rev. Jarie said she noticed a new swagger in my step. My voice got incredibly stronger and I started singing in ways I had not tried before. Bending more notes finding new ways to sing phrases of the songs I've written and performed.

In the song I wrote called Everyday there is a line that says, "I've been seeking the peace that washes over me, takes me completely." This is the feeling I have, bathed in peace and bathed in surrender.

We came home from the adventure July 21st 2010. I visited Chaz the next month in Tulsa. Sitting on my spot of the couch (Yes like the guy in Big Bang), I shared with him the new visions I was having. He reminded me that my job is very simple. My job, my business is to be worthy. I simply hold it out and let the passion the, juiciness and vibrant nature of my being pour out. He also reminded me that I am not alone and that others stand behind and with me to love and support me in doing a very simple job. 

In that moment, I actually felt files of thoughts deleting from my consciousness and tears of that peace began to flow.


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