Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quote from Greg Baer author of Real Love

"It's difficult to have a relationship with a victim, because victims see everyone else in the world as doing things to them or for them. They see people as objects that will either make them happy or hurt them. As a result, they can't have relationships at all, because you can't have a relationship with an object."


When I first read this, it really struck me because it is so much how we operate in relationship. As soon as we do not receive what we think we ought to from someone else we move into a victim consciousness. We make others responsible for our happiness. When they don't live up to what we believe they SHOULD do, we make them wrong and we make ourselves victims. 


This cycle of "victimhood" gets passed down to our children, which completely dis-empowers them. They grow up learning that anything they need must come from outside sources and they have no control or responsibility for their happiness. It causes us to loose friends and loved one who have grown weary of always being on the hook for our pain. 


What if I told you that your only responsibility in life is to live in joy but that your joy comes from within you and nowhere else? What would you say to the idea that your business plan is to feel good and your business expansion is to feel better. My friend Chaz Wesley introduced me to this concept, and I have enjoyed living from this place ever since. 

Because of it, I accomplish more because I am happy doing what I am doing. I feel a greater since of passion because as good as I feel now, my JOB is to feel even better. I can hear it in my voice when I talk to friends, clients and loved ones and they tend to respond in like. 


It comes through in my email communication and even my text messages. From there I begin to attract more good in my life. I feel better than ever and then I get to practice feeling even better than that. 


From this place I cannot be a victim. I take full responsibility for my joy and happiness.

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